A large part of our ministry involves evangelizing “good” people. They have said the “sinner’s prayer”, attend church regularly, many have been baptized, many are involved in church ministry, and yes, quite a number are actually pastors.

So why do they need evangelizing? (We use the term re-evangelize).

We need to ask some important questions:

Was their repentance at “soul level” or was it at the “spirit-level”?

Did they repent from “being bad” in order to “become good”?

Have they understood that they, along with the entire human race, were born in the kingdom of darkness and nothing they do, can get them out of that kingdom?

Do they see their need to be rescued from that kingdom?

Have they understood exactly what Jesus did on the cross?

Were they born into the Kingdom of God or did they merely change their conduct?

The first two chapters in “Broken Cisterns” show folk where they are and explain God’s magnificent plan of redemption ─ the pure, unadulterated, ageless gospel!

We are a team: Anita is the oral communicator and I communicate by writing. So, Anita weaves the Redemption story into her seminar/workshops; I have told it as a story to share with “good” people who are still in the kingdom of darkness.

 (Please consider sharing how this article blessed you and those you shared it with, either on the website or write to our email address. Your testimony will encourage us!).

 He has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son He loves, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.  Redemption is all about Him.

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Lucifer grinned. Heaven was in turmoil and all eyes were on him. Well, not all eyes, but at least he had convinced a third of the angelic hosts to worship him.  Was not he the most beautiful of all the created beings? Pride oozed and cloaked him with self-enchantment.

Angels were created to worship God; to worship in service and in song. As created beings the relationship they had with God depended on their decision to worship him. They needed to worship in order to maintain that relationship, although God, being God, didn’t need their worship.

But Lucifer did. He craved worship, he became obsessed with it. In his newly formed kingdom he was the dictator: Satan the cruel dictator of the kingdom of darkness. Of course he had no intention of letting his subjects know that they were under his dictatorship. He would offer a choice of “good and evil”. But once they were in his kingdom, nothing they could do would free them from his power.

Satan sniggered at this epitome of deception and watched for an opportunity to put his malevolent plan into action: a mass hijacking operation.

And then came the creation of mankind.  

How God delighted in the creation of the first two human beings. He made them different to the angels; body, soul and spirit. Being spirit himself, God communicates with spirit. He gave them a soul with emotions, will and intellect. The soul can choose whether to worship God or not. God didn’t make robots. He let them choose. They could stay in his kingdom under his direction or they could choose to leave that kingdom.

Satan squirmed as he watched that perfect creation. He wanted those two human beings desperately. He craved their worship. They had to belong to him.

It was easier than he expected. His chance came in the garden. Disguised as a serpent he convinced Eve that she was missing out on something. He sowed doubt about God’s goodness, made her feel hard done by. And she fell for it.

The moment Eve and her husband ate the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, they were hijacked into the kingdom of darkness. In that precise moment they left behind God’s kingdom where had God directed them and where they, under his direction, had governed over the creation. Instantly, what had united them with God, snapped, and they experienced spiritual death. Spiritual death means separation.

Now that they were separated from God, there was nothing they could do to re-unite. Sin had entered to contaminate all creation. Just one decision that was not directed by God left man incapable of saving himself. His spirit, now separated from God was incapable of perceiving the spiritual world, and his relationship with God was broken. Man’s soul now took control of him and he became the centre of his world. His mind became clouded by Satan and he lost his God-given brilliant mental capacity.  

The dictator Satan rubbed his hands together with glee. He’d hijacked two human beings and along with them, the whole of creation.

*** *** ***

Years passed. Centuries rolled by. God’s plan already accomplished in the spiritual realm was soon to be put into action in the natural or physical realm.

Someone who belonged to God’s kingdom must come into the kingdom of darkness and offer up his life so that all those who had been born in that kingdom of darkness could be free. He must come and rescue them because they were totally incapable of rescuing themselves. God’s son Jesus was the only one qualified to carry out the huge rescue operation.

*** *** ***

Satan the dictator grimaced. Fear clutched at his heart.  He listened intently to the conversations and quickly drew his own conclusions. A king born to the Jews? He would not, no he could not, tolerate a rival. He had to act quickly. The human being he used to carry out his clever plan was King Herod.

Herod compelled by an inner voice ordered all baby boys under two years old to be killed. But baby Jesus was not among those babies. Satan frowned.

All through Jesus’ life on earth Satan made vicious attempts to hijack him into his kingdom. He tried by tempting Jesus to obey him. And if Jesus had obeyed and through obedience given allegiance to Satan, he would have immediately been disqualified to carry out the rescue operation.

Satan doubled his efforts to annihilate Jesus. He attempted to throw him over a cliff. He stirred everyone up against him. Driven by desperation he played his last card: witchcraft. Death by crucifixion. Just as people stick pins into a voodoo doll to cause death, wicked men drove nails into the living body of God’s son Jesus.

 Would witchcraft kill Jesus? Would witchcraft be more powerful than the rescuer? His hands and feet were nailed to a cross. Humanly speaking the prospect of survival looked very bleak.

A shout rent the air, a triumphant shout, not the whimper of a dying, defeated person.  

Father into your hands I commit my spirit!

Medically speaking what happened at that moment is not what happens when a person dies. Usually, when one dies, the spirit leaves a dead body.

But Jesus’ spirit left a living body, not a dead one. Jesus gave up his life.

Witchcraft didn’t kill Jesus. He didn’t die exhausted under the weight of the sin of the world. Nor did he die from the multitudinous infirmities he carried. No! He gave up his life voluntarily to rescue the hijacked.  

At that moment all humanity hijacked by Satan centuries before was FREED!

At that moment Satan and all the powers of his kingdom of darkness were defeated.

*** *** ***

Satan snarled. There stood Jesus the Victor with his hand outstretched. Trembling with rage the defeated foe was obliged to hand over the keys of death and hell. The only resource he had now was his store of lies.

The angels in heaven quivered with emotion. One from that myriad of worshippers had just been dispatched to earth on a mission – to sit at the entrance to the empty grave of the Victor.

The earth shook with a violent earthquake. It was a moment of triumph and indicated the arrival of the angel from the spiritual realm into the physical realm.

 Jesus’ spirit had returned to his Father; his soul had descended to hell where he had snatched the keys of death and hell from the defeated dictator. One thing remained. God was about to raise his body from the grave. It would be an incorruptible body.

Millions of celestial beings held their breath. Excitement rippled through their ranks. For them it was incomprehensible but none the less glorious, that historic moment when God with a power that transcended all earthly power raised his son Jesus from the dead.

*** *** ***

Cowering in the shadows, the captive fingered his chains. Born in the kingdom of darkness he was one of millions of hijacked humanity. Over the years he had tried various methods of escape: religion; good works; promises; penitence. Was he doomed to die in captivity? He sighed deeply and pulling his filthy rags around his shoulders, slumped into a dejected heap on the smelly floor.   

Suddenly something stirred in his spirit compelling him to open his eyes. Instinctively he knew that his rescuer had come. The risen Jesus stood in front of him with a paper in his hand. Seized with an overwhelming desire to pay attention to what he was being offered, the captive leaned forward and focused on the paper. His name was written in large print.  It was his certificate to freedom signed with the very blood of his rescuer.

This was a crucial life-or-death moment. He had to choose. He could believe and accept his certificate to freedom or continue to exist in captivity.

The captive looked up into the face of his rescuer. Their eyes met, and locked.  Without hesitation he believed and grabbed his certificate to freedom.

Clunk. The leg irons fell to the floor.

Clank. The chains on his wrists snapped open.

The freed captive leapt to his feet, his eyes fixed on his rescuer. Grasping his outstretched hand firmly, he stepped confidently into God’s kingdom of light.  


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The resurrection of our Lord Jesus is surely the most spectacular event of all history. Let’s look at this glorious subject from a different angle.

We’ve posted I’M COMING BACK in the Articles section of our website. May your spirit be quickened and blessed as you are reminded that He kept His promise! HE ROSE AGAIN!

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Today I’ve been reading Henri Nouwen’s spiritual classic Life of the Beloved written shortly before his death in 1996. It is one of dozens, perhaps even hundreds of books that have been written about God’s love.

Do we need another one? Another book about Love with a capital L?

While in NZ last year Wayne Jacobsen’s He Loves Me was put into our hands. Was there ever a book that breaks down paradigms so gently, so forcefully!

We highly recommend this thought provoking book. It hasn’t been published in book form in Spanish yet, but we have downloaded the free online copy and are reading it one-on-one with five people, a chapter a week.

Every reading startles us into realizing how little we understand about how much He loves us. Micah 7:18 NIV puts it so beautifully in Spanish: Tu mayor placer es amar. (Your greatest pleasure is to love).

If you have been blessed by reading this book, enrich our lives by sharing what most touched your spirit, what most surprised you.

Are you living loved?



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Three hundred clay jars crash.

Three hundred trumpets blast.

The sound sends chills of fear through the hearts of the Midianites down in the valley below.

It sends thrills of victory through the hearts of the Israelites on the surrounding hills. As one man they yell, “A sword for the Lord and for Gideon.”

Gideon remembers the day he was commissioned. The words still ring in his ears: “The Lord is with you, mighty warrior.”

This is Gideon, the well known hero we admired in Sunday school.

We first meet him receiving a visit from God himself who names him “mighty warrior”, assures him of His very presence and then commissions him to save Israel. This is Jerub-Baal who valiantly demolishes Baal’s altar, and who then works alongside God in the selection of soldiers for his army. This is Gideon who wins a war with a shout.

Everyone talked about Gideon. Some praised him, some berated him, but no matter what they said about him, his name fast became a household word. The townsfolk in Ophrah lifted his name high above their heads like some golden trophy. The seventy seven officials of Succoth cursed him while their wives poured oil on their scratched and bleeding backs. The widows of Peniel whispered his name to their sobbing children. The Israelites openly flattered him. “Rule over us”, they begged.

Gideon was famous. As a warrior, his conduct was blameless. If he were alive today his name would be on the New Year’s honours list. The twenty-first century church would refer to him as “a man of God”.

Gideon, why did you do it?

We can only speculate as we read and re-read the tragic events that follow …

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“Look out! There’s another one!”

In the desperate scuffle, bodies fall over one another in an attempt to escape but it is too late.

Mesmerized the boy stares at the two red dots on his ankle. A scream forms in his throat. He opens his mouth but no sound comes.  A curse splits the air. Someone stabs viciously at the snake, misses it, and curses again.

Unobtrusively, the snake slides silently on to its next victim, a toddler playing in the sand. Her tiny body twitches violently and then suddenly slumps forward.

As the venomous reptiles slither in and out of the tents, the wailing of the bereaved mingles with the shrieking of the victims. ………

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Vitelio limped into our lives about 20 years ago, one of the many “all alone in this world” people. His marriage was a long forgotten affair and there were no children. He sort of adopted us as his family and we sometimes think of him as our eldest son.


Stricken with polio in the early fifties he had managed to complete two years of primary school but for him study was not an option. Before his eleventh birthday he was learning the metal work trade, in order to support himself and his mother. Life had not been kind to Vitelio and when we knew him he was bitter and off sides with everyone.


In 2010 he heard of a chaplaincy course but with barely two years of primary school could he meet the requirements?  Somehow he did! The theological studies, Bible-study courses and his years of experience as a prison visitor were in his favour.


Last night we were at his graduation. We are so proud of you Vitelio!

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The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel that displays the glory of Christ, who is the image of God. 2 Corinthians 4:4

It’s a tragedy that has been repeated thousands of times down through the ages, causing pain, anguish and despair to the loved ones of those who insist on walking in Satan’s kingdom of darkness. Some pray for years and leave this world without seeing an answer to those prayers. Sadly it’s so true – these unbelievers cannot see the light

God’s Word has unlimited power and the words of the prayer below express Biblical truths. We came across it a few years ago and have shared it with many despairing relatives of rebellious, lost loved ones. We always warn people that at first the situation may get worse. The god of this world will be furious as he sees his time is short. Persevere!  To bring the Person and work of the Lord Jesus directly over someone and directly against the forces of darkness releases God’s power in a surprising way.

We are more than happy to join you in praying this prayer for your loved one. Get in touch!

Heavenly Father I bring to you and the Lord Jesus Christ, someone who is dearly loved by you and by me, ________________________.  I see how Satan has blinded his/her mind and bound him in a terrible oppression. He/she is in such a condition that he/she can’t and does not want to come to you for help. I take his/her place in intercessory prayer before your throne. I rely on the person of the Holy Spirit for guidance to pray with wisdom, power and understanding.

I bring in prayer the Person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ directly over _______________ to help and strengthen him/her. I bring the enormous power of the incarnation, the crucifixion, the resurrection, the ascension and the glorification of the Lord Jesus directly against all the forces of darkness that are trying to destroy  ______________________.

I ask you Heavenly Father to open ___________________’s eyes of understanding. Remove all blindness and spiritual deafness from his/her heart. As someone who has spiritual authority in his/her life I plead mercy for his/her sin of rebellion. I reclaim his/her whole life united in love and obedient service to the Lord Jesus. I ask that the living Spirit of God will direct his powerful work over _____________________, to bring about repentance and to free him/her from all that binds him/her to the kingdom of darkness.

In the Name of the Lord Jesus I thank you for your answer. Give me the grace to persevere and be persistent in interceding for ___________________ so that he/she can glorify you through a personal and liberating experience with you. Amen.     

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Yes, it was indeed down to earth in more ways than one.

William picked us up from the airport and took us straight to the “velorio” (wake). We got in the door and Daniel’s partner, a woman of some 60 years, threw herself on us, wailing. We stumbled and all but toppled over. It was dark in the room and the air was filled with the stink of incense candles.  As our eyes became accustomed to the darkness we saw the coffin, several small children milling around and looking down, we saw the floor was earth. After a short time of hugging and consoling, we took our suitcases home, grabbed some breakfast, changed into clothes suitable for a funeral and walked back to wait for the hearse.

Daniel’s partner’s family is poor and was not able to pay for the body to be well prepared. The funeral company warned them that they took the body home at their own risk, because four days had passed and it could explode at any moment. That little bit of information added to the already tense atmosphere. (The smell was dreadful when they carried the coffin out to the hearse). We were glad to be able to go to the cemetery in William’s car rather than be squeezed into a bus with the mourners.

That evening Joseph’s father, his three sisters, with their children and Joseph’s little half brother came round and we had a very special time of prayer with them. Then we left Joseph cooking and serving a meal for the nine visitors and snuck upstairs to bed to get over our jet-lag.

And so ended our first day back in Colombia.

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A knife for cutting lettuce


We’d never seen one before. What a marvelous invention ─ a plastic knife sharp enough to cut lettuce. Goodbye to rust on our lettuces!

It was far too soon to begin making purchases, let alone start buying for the folk on our “gifts to take back” list, but we immediately thought of our Colombian friend Nancy. Instead of saying to each other “that would be nice to take back, we’ll keep it in mind” we bought three knives immediately. It was almost as if we were compelled to buy. That it really was too soon after our arrival in NZ to be making purchases was proved to me when without thinking twice, I suggested to the salesman that he knock a dollar off the total. (I mean, as I was buying three, couldn’t he have let me have them for $20 instead of $21?)

Our first visitor when we arrived back in Colombia yesterday was Nancy. We gave her our gift ─ a knife for cutting lettuce, but were totally unprepared for her reaction.

She looked at the knife.

“I’ve been asking the Lord that because my love-language is preparing and serving meals, whether this is the ministry He has for me.”

She looked at the knife again and began to weep.

When she could speak, she whispered, “This is the confirmation.”

Please take a moment to pray for Nancy. She isn’t content with a passive Christian life. She asks God questions and expects to hear Him speak to her. She listens intently for His voice, and each time she obeys that voice, she grows in her spiritual life.

Yesterday God spoke to her through a knife for cutting lettuce.

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